The Cedar Grove Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Inc. is pleased to announce their 2017 scholarship awards campaign.

The application process is open to Cedar Grove residents graduating from any high school in 2017 and pursuing continuing education. The scholarship awards demonstrate the Cedar Grove Chamber of Commerce support of the power of education for all students and the positive effect that education has on the community as a whole.  Based on the results of the fundraising efforts of the Cedar Grove Chamber Foundation, Inc., it is anticipated that three $1,000.00 scholarship awards will be offered in the areas of arts, academics, business, media or vocational education to students with a strong commitment to the Cedar Grove community.  By supporting outstanding students today, and acknowledging the teachers, administrators and schools that inspire their excellence, the Chamber will help students nurture the quest for higher learning.  These are the links a candidate will need to get started.

We are currently accepting Scholarship Applications.  For applications and more information go to the Cedar Grove Chamber website.

Should you have any questions? Please contact the foundation chairperson, Michelle Girardi at