CEDAR GROVE, NJ - The Holiday Bash is a tradition at Cedar Grove High School that has been going on for years. It takes place during the last period of the day before Christmas break, with games to get faculty and students involved and excited for winter break.

There are many games and competitions with prizes to win such as gift cards. The games this year consisted of an ugly sweater contest, Do You Want To Build a Snowman, Junk in the Trunk and many more.

In Do You Want To Build a Snowman students were wrapped up in toilet paper and a hat and gloves are placed on them. Junk in the Trunk involves a tissue box filled with jingle bells tied to somebody’s back and they have to try and shake the jingle bells out of the box by jumping around. Whoever gets them out first is the winner.

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The Holiday Bash is mainly a competition between grades and the faculty, so everybody’s competitive spirit rises to the surface.  It is a great way to kickoff the holiday break.

Gillian Iula is a sophomore at Cedar Grove High School participating in a journalism program with TAPinto Verona/Cedar Grove.  Verona and Cedar Grove High School students interested in participating in our journalism program can contact Jeanne Moreno at jmoreno@tapinto.net.

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