CEDAR GROVE, NJ – In Cedar Grove giving back to the community is a long-standing tradition.  The Cedar Grove High School Lacrosse Team paid tribute to that tradition on May 14 when the players visited the Tzu Chi Food Pantry in Cedar Grove to learn about the organization and train to volunteer. 

Approximately 40 players from both the boys and girls teams visited the Food Pantry where they learned about the history of Buddist Tzu Chi Foundation and its mission.  The players were also educated on how the food pantry operates and given an opportunity to try each job in the operation.  They are now qualified to return and volunteer as their schedule permits.

Coach David Bucchino strives to get the lacrosse teams involved with the community to promote teamwork and cooperation and to give back to the town that supports them.  “I wanted the players to give back to our community and seeing that not everyone has what they have can be eye opening and helps them to not take what they have for granted,” Bucchino said.  “Being humble and grateful is something they can not only apply on the field, but in life as well.  The boys and girls did a great job and I was proud of them.”