CEDAR GROVE, NJ - This week, Cedar Grove High School students all received shirts with the instructions to wear them on Wednesday, October 25, in a celebration of “Unity Day.”

Many students were reluctant at first, and many complaints were heard, but ultimately, the participation was astounding. The halls were filled with bright orange, and it was truly moving to see the amount of people uniting to fight a common enemy- bullying.

Cedar Grove schools have always done a great job handling bullying, and as a student, I never face, or even witness, bullying in our schools. Students at this school are generally compassionate and kind. Bullying has, in my opinion, never been a problem in this district.

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The lack of this issue can be credited to the hard work of the guidance counselors, principals, and other school officials who often organize and host meetings, assemblies, and other events to remind students of the dangers of bullying.

Students fulfill their end of the bargain as well, and bullying among students is a rarity. Despite the low rate we see in the school, on the rare occasion when something does occur, appropriate actions are taken and the problem is quickly solved.

Unity Day is the perfect example of an event that keeps bullying at bay. Students are reminded not to bully not only through the assemblies and speeches, but there is also the physical reminder of the shirts, which remind students that we are all equal, and we all deserve each other’s respect.

To learn more about what students think of Unity Day, I talked to several students. Most students said that Unity Day was a way to raise awareness about bullying, but the words of one stuck out to me. They explained that the way everyone wears the same shirt on Unity Day served as a reminder that students are equal, and seeing the amount of participants showed them that students really do care about the welfare of the student body. I couldn’t agree more; the participation was enormous, and I was moved to see that the students are not just blindly wearing the shirts; they really do care about ending bullying for good.