CEDAR GROVE, NJ - As a teenager, Ms. Durso always knew she wanted to be a teacher, but at age 24 it materialized when she got her masters degree in Italian/education and she was able to become a teacher.

She wanted to teach at Cedar Grove because it is a good school, it is surrounded by a good community, she enjoys small environments, and, of course, because there is a high Italian population in town. Most of Ms. Durso’s rewarding moments when teaching come when she teaches something to her students and she sees the material start to click with them and they are more able to express themselves in Italian.

More of Ms. Durso’s most rewarding moments while teaching come whenever her students are successful. On the other hand, some of Ms. Durso’s most challenging moments in teaching are when students struggle to grasp the material and/or seem uninterested in the content. One thing Ms. Durso is very optimistic about for the future is the trip to Italy. She hopes that it will go well so that it can become an annual event for students and staff.

One thing that Ms. Durso would like all her students to take away from her class is to develop an appreciation for different cultures.