CEDAR GROVE, NJ = This week’s teacher of the week is from our science department and has been teaching at Cedar Grove high school for more than 10 years.

Before becoming a teacher, Mr. Vincent Mufferi worked as an engineer. One of his close friends told him that there was a physics teacher position open. Mr. Mufferi decided to apply for the position and to try something new. He applied for it, and Cedar Grove gave him the position.

He loves when his students get a five on the AP exam, and then go on to an Ivy League school. Some difficult moments for him are at the beginning of the school year, choosing a student of the month for science, and trying to make the course rewarding.

For the future, he is most optimistic about every student having a Chromebook and to use more technology in the classroom. Mr. Mufferi wants his students to be more self-sufficient. He also wants them to be self-motivated and to do things because they want to do well not just because they have to get it done. He teaches physics and environmental science and enjoys every minute of it. If you have not met Mr. Mufferi, you should take time out of your day to introduce yourself to him.