CEDAR GROVE, NJ — Ahead of this year's annual fireworks display, Cedar Grove has released the final plan for the festivities in town.

In order to prepare for the festivities, the Panther Park lot is closed until 7:00 p.m. today. During the fireworks, there will be a maximum of 500 people allowed on the field, in order to comply with the governor's orders surrounding crowds and social distancing.

Additionally, bathroom facilities will be closed at the park, so please prepare ahead of time. When the field reaches capacity, spectators will be turned away, however several parking lots in town will still have excellent views of the display, including CVS and St. Catherine’s. The caveat is that residents must get permission to park at those facilities on their own.

If you can not make it, the ceremony will be live-streamed on the Cedar Grove Recreation Department Facebook Page. The rain date for the festivities is July 10.