CEDAR GROVE, NJ - The Cedar Grove Municipal Alliance Committee (CGMAC) will be conducting a "Safe Home Pledge" this fall, asking parents to pledge their commitment to addressing the issue of underage drinking and drugs in the community.

According to CGMAC's pledge, Safe Homes provides parents/guardians an opportunity to unite and communicate.  By sighing the pledge, Cedar Grove residents have the opportunity to let Cedar Groe youth and other parents/guardians that underage driking and drug use is not acceptable in their home.  In addition, parents/guardians can use the Safe Homes Directory as a reference to facilitate communication with other parents, for instance when your child is visiting other homes.  CCMAC states that parents who do not allow drinking/drug use in their home should know that they are not alone.  

The pledge states:

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  • I will not serve nor will I knowingly allow anyone under the legal drinking age to consume alcohol in my home or on my property.
  • I will not knowingly allow parties or gatherings in my home without proper, responsible adult supervision.
  • I will communicate with other parents, and I welcome calls or emails to “check-up” when youth may be visiting my home.

With the support of the Cedar Grove Board of Education, CGMAC is asking parents of children grades 5-12 to sign a pledge and return it to the committee.  CGMAC began collecting pledges at National Night Out last week.  To make the pledge, parents can visit CGMAC's website, download the form and return. The pledge will also be sent out by the schools.  

This pledge is a national effort to develop a community-wide coalition of parents and other adults who are committed to addressing the issue of underage drinking/drugs in their communities