CEDAR GROVE, NJ - Cedar Grove Police responded to three instances of fraud last week according to the police blotter.

On March 28, Ptl. Justin Westra responded to a Skytop Road address where the victim reported that he had received a message on his computer saying it was infected with a virus and that he must call the displayed phone number.  After calling he was advised to purchase $300 in iTunes gift cards and call back with the card serial numbers. The victim complied. After providing the numbers he was advised that the repair would cost additional money. Realizing that he was scammed he contacted the police. The detective bureau is investigating.

The second incident occurred on March 29, when Sgt. Jason Wolfstirn investigated an attempted scam on a Mountain Ridge Drive resident. The elderly resident was contacted by a scammer requesting that she purchase $1,500 in gift cards. The scammer arranged to have a taxi respond to the victim’s residence to facilitate the purchase. Police were waiting for the taxi when it arrived. The detective bureau currently working with the taxi company to determine who requested the taxi.

Lasly, on March 31 Ptl. Raymond Cassella took a report of an attempted fraud from a township resident. The resident reported that he had texted intimate photographs to a female he met on an online dating site. A week later he was contacted by an unknown male demanding that he purchase $1,500 in gift cards and forward him the serial numbers. The caller threatened to forward the intimate photographs to the victim’s employer. The detective bureau is investigating.