I have recently been asked how I came to seek a seat on the Cedar Grove Town Council.  My decision to run was not secondary to an impetuous urge; it was, in fact, a prudent decision, which was the culmination of many years of deliberate contemplation.  My inherent love for this town was founded at birth and has multiplied exponentially throughout the years.  It is my abiding love for this community that motivates me to be an active part of its betterment.

During my lifetime, Cedar Grove has bourgeoned into suburban haven for city commuters and transplants from neighboring towns, yet it has managed to gracefully retain its small community feel (and many of its hometown residents). This successful evolution was guided, in large part, by our resident volunteers.  Through various locally driven initiatives, our volunteers not only engender positive change, they sustain it for generations to come.

I began volunteering in Cedar Grove at the age of sixteen.  Not because I was asked to, but because I sincerely wanted to be involved in my community and impact its course. I have served our town as a volunteer for the Cedar Grove Ambulance and Rescue Squad, the Junior Woman’s club, the Centennial Committee, the FSA, the Cedar Grove Junior Baseball and Softball Leagues and multiple other committees. Much of my inspiration since those early years has come from other volunteers; volunteers that I have engaged with on our Board of Education, our FSA, our Town Council, our Fire Department, our youth sports leagues, and numerous other community organizations. Our society is most powerfully transformed by the service of these residents and they have always given me much hope and great pride in the human endeavor.  

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The members of the Cedar Grove Town Council are volunteers. They give up precious time with their family and friends to work for our community. I am running for a seat on the Cedar Grove Town Council, not because I was asked to, but because I love our town and I want to support its advancement.  I am not running to instill fear in our townspeople; I am running to inspire our residents to effectuate positive change. I am not running to disparage our current council members; I am running to embolden our residents to take an active role in the process. If we work together, anything is possible.

Throughout my many years of continuous service, I have become intimately familiar with the inner-workings of Cedar Grove. I have routinely interacted with key stakeholders and fully appreciate the time and commitment required to be a member of the Cedar Grove Town Council. I understand the issues our community is facing and firmly believe that I am equipped with the tools necessary to make immediate contributions towards planning and implementing viable solutions.

I ask for your vote on May 9 (line 3A) so that I can begin working for you.