Mr. Cardiello’s TV Productions  Class

Interview with Mr. Chuck Linfante

We have been so proud to share the "Did You Know...."  feature this year by the students in Mr. Cardiello's TV productions class at Cedar Grove High School.  Part of our team of student reporters are graduating on June 23 so this will be their last installment.  Best of luck to Bayly Ayed, Brannden Balzau, Daniel Platt and Sal Scimone and the rest of the Class of 2017.

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Mr. Chuck Linfante is a permanent substitute teacher at Cedar Grove High  School, and here are some questions for him:

How long have you been substituting for Cedar Grove High School?

I  have been with Cedar Grove High  School for 16 years. I started in 2002.

Do you have a favorite subject  you like to teach?

My favorite subjects  that I like to teach are Social Studies and Business classes.

What are your outside activities, or hobbies?

My outside activities are primarily sports.  I am a sports fan and follow all Cedar Grove High School  sports events, especially  baseball and softball.  I  attend many of our school games and tournaments.  My favorite major league team is the New York METS baseball team.                                                     

What is your favorite Cedar Grove memory, or memories?

My favorite High School memory is the when the senior class of 2005 surprised me by dedicating their Senior Year Book to me.  It was a total surprise.  They kept it a secret.  They had invited me to their Senior Class breakfast.  The Student Council President announced that they were dedicating their year book to me  and spoke about different memories they had of me.  I was deeply moved by that.  I also enjoyed so many Cedar Grove sports championships that I had personally witnessed.  I  have so many wonderful memories of CGHS.

We thank Mr. Linfante for his interview with us, and we will always cherish our memories with him as we  will  be graduating in June 2017.  Best to you Mr. Linfante!