We are proud to share "Did You Know...." a regular feature brought to us by the students in Mr. Cardiello's TV productions class at Cedar Grove High School.  In this feature, students write and report on any interesting facts, hobbies and activities their teachers are involved in that they think people should know about.

Interview with Mr. Destefano, English teacher at Cedar Grove High School who also teaches the popular Media and Pop Culture class.

Why did you want to become a teacher?

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Mr. Destefano became a teacher for this school because they needed an English teacher and he was available to teach the students at CGHS.  

What is your favorite activity outside of school?

Mr. Destefano’s  favorite  activity outside of school  is to watch movies.

Where did you go to school to learn about film and to teach it?

Mr. Destefano took a couple classes at NYU but learned the most working in the business.

Have you ever played a sport in college?

Mr. Destefano did play baseball in school but then stopped after an injury.