We are proud to share "Did You Know...." a regular feature brought to us by the students in Mr. Cardiello's TV productions class at Cedar Grove High School.  In this feature, students write and report on any interesting facts, hobbies and activities their teachers are involved in that they think people should know about.

Interview with Mr. Cannizzo, Art teacher at Cedar Grove High School who will be retiring at the end of the school year.  

Did  you  always  teach at Cedar Grove High School?     

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Before teaching at CGHS I taught Art  at Wayne Hills  High School.  I taught there for twelve years and I also was a Football  Coach there.  Then I came to  Cedar  Grove High School.  

Why did you want to teach Art?

At any early age I  always  enjoyed Art.  My parents were very supportive in my desire to draw and encouraged me to be an artist and teach Art.  I really enjoyed drawing  and my favorite form of  Art was drawing sports figures.                                  

What College did you go to and what was your favorite subject.

I attended the University of Kentucky for my Freshman year  and then I transferred to Kean  University in  New Jersey.  I earned my Bachlelors Degree and Masters Degree there.  I always enjoyed being involved in athletics. I played Football and  Lacrosse.

What are your future retirement plans?

As of yet, I do not have any plans .  I will take it day by day.

Mr. Cannizzo should be recognized as a devoted  teacher  in Art, as well as and an athlete, being awarded  four Football Championships .  His students will surely miss his compassion,  friendliness,  art direction and dedication  to his craft by being able to bring out his students artistic abilities, in an informal setting.  Mr. James Cannizzo will certainly be remembered and missed.