We are proud to share "Did You Know...." a regular feature brought to us by the students in Mr. Cardiello's TV productions class at Cedar Grove High School.  In this feature, students write and report on any interesting facts, hobbies and activities their teachers are involved in that they think people should know about.

1. Mrs. Schomaker, I understand that besides teaching and Coaching, you also were a great

swimmer, is that right?

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Yes, that is right.

2. Did you have to take swimming lessons, and if so, where?

When I was young I had to take swimming lessons. I had a professional swimming instructor

from the YMCA. They came to my house because I had an in-ground swimming pool.

3. Where were you a lifeguard?

I was a lifeguard at the Ocean Club in Mantoloking, NJ down the shore. I life guarded at the pool.

4. Did you ever have to save someone from drowning?

Yes, I did. I saved a little girl at the Ocean club pool. She had a hard time getting to the edge of

the pool so I jumped in to help her.

5. Did you ever compete in any swimming competitions?

I competed at the Forest Hill Field Club in Bloomfield , NJ.

6. Did you ever win any awards?

They gave out ribbons at the competition and I came in First Place in the Breast Stroke and


7. Are you still a lifeguard?

I am not a lifeguard anymore. I stopped doing it four years ago.

8. Did you like being a lifeguard and was there anyone who inspired you to be a swimmer?

I enjoyed being a lifeguard very much. My grandfather was my biggest fan. He encouraged

me to swim and always wanted me to swim in college. He inspired me to swim and loved to

watch me. I loved swimming because of my grandfather, Jerry..