We are proud to share "Did You Know...." a regular feature brought to us by the students in Mr. Cardiello's TV productions class at Cedar Grove High School.  In this feature, students write and report on any interesting facts, hobbies and activities their teachers are involved in that they think people should know about.

Ms. Barbara Bolandi is the student assistance counselor at Cedar Grove High School she also has a therapy dog named, Crosby.

Why are these dogs called therapy dogs?

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They are called therapy dogs because they help people deal with their sicknesses or whatever problems they might have. They also give people a sense of calmness and it also helps them relax.

What made you get a therapy dog?

My husband and I had a dog, but it passed away, so we decided to adopt a dog from a shelter. Crosby was trained and certified as a therapy dog and we felt we needed him. I am Crosby’s handler, and he reacts only to me. He cannot react to loud noises or other dogs.

Where do you and Crosby visit?

We visit Senior Citizens facilities, Hospitals such as Overlook Hospital, North End School, South End School, Middle School and Cedar Grove High School. Crosby stays with me once a week at the High School. People look for comfort, children read to therapy dogs, colleges use therapy dogs to help calm students especially during exams or testing , any other situations students need comforting.