TAPintoVCG is happy to share the great work of the students from Mr. Cardiello's Television Production class. 

CEDAR GROVE, NJ - On Monday, guidance counselors at Cedar Grove High School held an assembly in which a short video, titled “Screenagers,” was shown to students.

The documentary clip was about teenagers’ use of electronic devices, including cell phones and laptops. It detailed the many negative effects of these machines, some of which we are unaware of as they have not been around long enough for researchers to uncover all of the consequences.

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To learn about the reasoning for the assembly, I interviewed principal Mr. Mangili, who was one of the orchestrators. He said that the objective was not to frighten or prohibit cell phones in the school, but rather to help educate students and get them to understand some of the effects that their electronics can actually have on them.

Unfortunately, he said that he was unhappy with the reaction of some students, but that some of them were serious enough and seemed to take the subject matter seriously. Mr. Mangili also mentioned that overuse of cellphones is not a Cedar Grove problem, but rather a cultural problem that everyone faces today.

On the same note, he said that many other schools have the same problem, so the objective was to simply inform everyone of the effects that usage can have. I asked if the school will take steps to eliminate the problem, but he said that the school does enough already, allowing students to only use them at lunch or for educational purposes in class.

Parents of students in Cedar Grove were invited to see the same documentary clip Monday night, and Mr. Mangili thought that it went well. He thought that many parents took the film seriously, understanding the risk that their child faced. Mr. Mangili, said he heard some thoughtful conversation afterward, a sure sign that the people were enlightened. Hopefully people will start to slow down their cell phone, but for now, Cedar Grove is doing a great job to educate people about the risks.