According to a study by The Economist, company owners and executives who don't play golf earn 17 percent less in pay, on average, than those who do! There is a strong correlation between playing golf to being successful in business. To quote Jack Russell, Senior Vice President of a Major Multi-national Financial Services Conglomerate: “I played golf in college and more than my economics, degree, golf has been a door opener and a deal closer.”

On September 3, at the beautiful Montclair Golf Club in West Orange, Susan Ascher, CEO of The Ascher Group and Founder of The Sphere of Excellence in Communication held her annual Course Connections event, which is held four times from May through September. Instruction is headed up by Joe Haggerty, PGA professional who is joined by his fellow pros which include Brian Dobbie, Ben Schade and Ross Seaman.

This year’s sponsors included Kate Sweeney of Morgan Stanley, Karolina Dehnhard of Budd Larner, PC, Sally Glick (not present) of Sobel and Co, CPA’s, Vince Egan of Benjamin Edwards, Amy Delman of Amy Delman Public Relations and Mahvash Saba, Photography.

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The event began in the afternoon with an hour and a half of instruction, followed by a nine hole scramble. The best part of the day, however, was the incredible networking opportunities.

A master networker, Susan, a native of Livingston, former resident of Essex Fells , and a current resident of Roseland,  brought together her clients, her fans and her friends. Think Honorable Retired Judge, Family Law and Matrimonial Attorney, Personal CEO, Wealth Manager, Event Planner, Title Insurance Producer, Publicist, Nurse, College Graduate, Executive Coach/ Business Strategist, Chief Marketing Officer and Partners from national accounting and legal firms! The best part is that the event spanned five generations, all connected through the love of golf, people and the desire to make golf a networking tool.

With the fall coming and Susan’s continued mission to keep everyone connected, she is busy planning her inaugural Culinary Connections event with her presenting sponsor Karolina Dehnhard, Esq. and Budd Larner.  Attendees will be breaking bread and drinking fine wine and cocktails, while learning how to make some simple, but great dishes from great chefs. If you wish to sponsor, or have a suggestion for a venue or chef, just email Susan at or call her cell at 973-919-8180.

The first event is scheduled for Wednesday October 28 ( location to be announced).

Susan P. Ascher Founder, President and CEO of, The Ascher Group and The Sphere of Excellence in Communication ™ is also the Founder of Course Connections. The 4th Annual Course Connections event was created by Susan, a career and executive coach, to reinforce golf as an important skill set for enhanced networking, job seeking, and just plain old meeting new people.