I am supporting Joe Cicala for Cedar Grove Town Council.  Since being appointed to the Cedar Grove Town Council, Joe has already demonstrated that his experience as a community volunteer, his leadership skills as the Board of Education President and his knowledge of the various challenges facing Cedar Grove, make him a perfect fit for the position.  Joe has shared his valuable insight into the potential impacts of development projects that could impact our school system and infrastructure.  He asks questions, listens to input from others and challenges the status quo, before making a decision.

As we navigate through the issues and projects that may impact the residents of Cedar Grove, it is imperative that we have someone with Joe's experience as an attorney combined with his proven leadership skills to help guide the Township in a direction that positively impacts everyone.  He is the type of leader that Cedar Grove deserves and one you can count on to do what's in the best interest for all of the residents.  

Please join me November 8th, and vote for Joe Cicala, Cedar Grove Town Council