I am writing in support of re-electing Peter Tanella to the Cedar Grove Town Council.  Cedar Grove is extremely fortunate to have Pete as a Council member.  Pete has deep roots in the community.  As a life-long Cedar Grove resident, he attended school here, graduated from Cedar Grove High School and after attending college and law school, returned to raise his family here. He has three daughters, all of whom attend Cedar Grove schools.

Pete is the right choice for many reasons.  First is his level of experience.  He has served numerous terms on the Council and has also served as Mayor and Deputy Mayor.  Pete understands our community, he understands how our town is run and he knows what is best for Cedar Grove.  He is fiscally responsible but he also knows that our town needs to spend money when necessary.  He is mindful of the tax burden on the community while at the same time understands the needs of our taxpayers. A prime example of this was with the expansion of Panther Park.  Pete and his fellow Council members balanced the cost of the project with the much needed facility expansion.  He understands that the town does not operate with a blank check mentality.  Experience is also important as the town continues ongoing conversations about the Hilltop development.  The development of Hilltop can have large ramifications and Cedar Grove needs someone who knows exactly what is going on and has our best interests at heart.

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Pete and the current Council members have a good working relationship with the Board of Education.  He has been a Board liaison and he understands that the town and the Board need to work together in order to provide better opportunities for our residents as well as explore different ways to save money. 

It is key that the Board and the Council continue to work together and be mindful of each other’s decisions and how they affect Cedar Grove as a whole.  With his daughters attending school here, he has a vested interest in both the town and the school system.

Finally Pete is involved.  He is well known and he volunteers a lot of his time, whether it’s coaching soccer, helping with lacrosse, assisting in Treps’ functions at MMS or volunteering at St. Catherine’s.  He is a member of the community.  He is always accessible and works hard to make sure our residents are well informed.

On Tuesday, May 12, please join me in voting for Peter Tanella so he can continue to serve Cedar Grove and work hard for our community and keep moving us forward.