VERONA, NJ - We had a chance to highlight one star of the Verona High School Girls winter Track & Field Team with this week's Hillbilly Athlete of the Week Maggie Ashley.  As Ashley noted, much of the team's success can be attributed to teamwork and everybody has been making a contribution this season.

Here are the results of the earlier meets.

Leon Bailey Relays: Dec 15: The girls proved to be one of the top teams in a field of more than 20 teams collecting a total 48 medals.

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Varsity Results:

Varsity 4 x 800m: 3rd place:10:46 Brianna Rigney, Tycjana Konopka, Karishma Parekh & Kate Ashley.

Varsity 4 x 200m: 5th place: 1:55: Maggie Ashley, Chelsea Gruskin, Brianna Rigney & Kate Ashley.

Varsity: Sprint Medley: 6th place: 4:42: Maggie Ashley, Chelsea Gruskin, Kate Ashley & Brianna Rigney.

Varsity High-Jump: 6th place: 8’6” Alex Holland & Celine Matta

Novice Results:

Novice Shuttle HH: 1st place: 38.8 Cianna Winkler, Julia DiGeronimo, Carolyn Feeley & Carli Lavoie.

Novice DMR: 1st place: 15:58: Rebecca Seubert, Jess Derderian, Julia Mackey & Julia DiGeronimo. Novice Sprint Medley: 2nd place: 5:06 Ally Madigan, Giuliana Frizzi, Clara Frizzi & Tycjana Konopka.

Novice 4 x 800m: 2nd place: 11:27: Julia DiGeronimo, Rebecca Seubert, Julia Mackey & Ally Madigan.

Novice High-Jump: 3rd place. 7’10” Cianna Winkler & Caitlyn Kenneally.

Novice 4x 200m:6th place: Clara Frizzi, Giuliana Frizzi, Jess Derderian & Zoie Petronzo.

Novice DMR: 6th place: 16:43: Arianna Tietjen, Emily Pecora, Colleen Whalen & Ashley Kenneally.

Novice 4x 800M 6th place: 12:18: Clara Frizzi, Ashley Kenneally, Arianna Tietjen & Colleen Whalen.

Novice Sprint Medley: 6th place: Jess Derderian, Jenna Romano, Arianna Canal & Emily Pecora.


SEC Championships: December 29: The Verona Girls Track team finished third in a field of 16 teams and were the top Group 1 school in the competition.

4x 400m Team: Second place: 4:22: Maggie Ashley, Brianna Rigney, Kathleen Nagy & Kate Ashley.

Kate Ashley: Third place 400m: 62.7 & Fifth place 800m 2:37. Maggie Ashley: Fourth place: 400m: 62.8. Tycjana Konopka: Fifth place: 3200m: 13:26. Brianna Rigney: Sixth place: 800m 2:39. Julia DiGeronimo: Sixth place 3200m: 13:56. Alex Holland: Third Place HJ: 4’3” & Sixth place: Shot-put: 26’11 3/4”.

Essex County Relays: January 8:

Sprint Medley: Fourth place: 4:36: Maggie Ashley, Chelsea Gruskin, Kathleen Nagy & Kate Ashley.

4x 800m: 11:00: Branna Rigney, Kathleen Nagy, Karishma Parekh & Kate Ashley

Frosh 4 x 800m: 13:19: Arianna Tietjen, Jordan Warner, Emily Pecora & Clara Frizzi.

Tom Zaccone Invitational Meet: January 6:

Frosh 4x 800m: Third place: 12:39: Clara Frizzi, Emily Pecora, Arianna Tietjen & Jordan Warner

Frosh: 4 x 200m: Fifth place: 2:05: Clara Frizzi, Carolyn Feeley, Emily Percora & Jordan Warner.