CEDAR GROVE, NJ – Elevated levels of asbestos have been found at South End School located on Harper Terrace in Cedar Grove, according to the Superintendent of Schools Michael Fetherman.

This announcement comes just after the Board of Education reported last week that high levels of asbestos had been discovered at North End School, which resulted in suspension of construction and which will likely make the school unready to open on the first day of classes, which is Sept. 12.

According to Fetherman, after discovering asbestos at North End, the board directed that South End School also be tested due to the similar nature of the work being completed and the age of the school. Elevated levels of asbestos were discovered throughout the school on July 29 and the building was immediately closed and construction halted. 

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The Board met with environmental consultants who have advised that the exposure in South End is far less severe than that at North End, Fetherman said via email.  According to the email, asbestos remediation began at South End on Wednesday and the board is coordinating the remediation and construction so that South End can be ready for the first day of school. 

“The board is committed to providing clean and safe educational environments for all of Cedar Grove’s staff and students. Therefore, the remediation will be conducted in accordance with strict guidelines affecting that work,” Fetherman said in an email to parents. “However, at this time we cannot predict if South End will be ready for the first day of school.”

Fetherman said that on or around Aug. 12, the board should be able to predict whether the work at South End will be completed in time. He also said that the board is still waiting to hear back from its insurance carriers on a coverage decision.