We are writing this letter to express our support of Edward “Ted” Giblin as a candidate for the Verona Town Council in the upcoming municipal election on May 9, 2017.  We have known Ted and his family for many years.  He is dedicated, trustworthy, hardworking and someone who puts his family first.   Ted will be a great addition to the Verona Town Council and a true asset to the community as a whole.

Ted and his wife Liz, are parents of two young daughters. Like many families who move to Verona, they chose to make Verona their home because it is such an amazing place to raise a family. Ted cares deeply about the Township of Verona and wants to ensure that the town retains its character for the children of tomorrow. As parents of four young children, this is one of the primary reasons why we strongly support Ted Giblin for Council. 

Ted is familiar with the many issues and challenges that Verona is facing today. I support Ted’s goal to increase public safety in town with a strong focus on promoting both traffic and pedestrian safety.   Ted wants to achieve these goals through a better working relationship with the Verona Police Department as well as coordination with county officials who have jurisdiction over some of our major thoroughfares.

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Ted is also seeking to promote smart downtown development along Bloomfield Ave and our other business districts.  His goal is to work towards Verona becoming a pedestrian-friendly shopping destination.  In order to make this happen, Ted wants to promote a collaborative effort between local residents, the business community, Zoning Board, Town Council and Township Manager’s office.  This team effort will certainly produce results that are beneficial to the entire community.  

I also agree wholeheartedly with Ted’s desire to hold the line on taxes while maintaining and improving the services (Public Safety, DPW, Recreation, etc.) that are so very important to us and our children.  Once again, the services provided in Verona are one of the main reasons people choose to move into town.  At the same time, these critical services are also one of the main reasons why people who grew up in Verona decide to stay here and raise their own families. 

It is for these reasons and many more why we strongly support Edward “Ted” Giblin for Verona Town Council.  On May 9, 2017, we ask that you join us and vote for Edward “Ted” Giblin - Line 1A.