I am writing in support of Kerry Peterson for Cedar Grove Council.  In the 1890s, my family settled on land that would later become the idyllic town of Cedar Grove. Cedar Grove runs through my veins. My family has witnessed our beloved town evolve for generations. Its evolution is now at a critical stage and it is imperative that we choose councilmembers who can realize a shared vision for a future that benefits all residents and subsequent generations. We must elect competent leaders with proven track records of commitment to our community. Kerry Peterson is such a leader.

I have been a member of the Cedar Grove Fire Department for the past thirty-nine (39) years. I first met Kerry when she was a fledgling volunteer for the Cedar Grove Ambulance and Rescue Squad. At the young age of sixteen, Kerry exhibited a resilient devotion to her community and its residents. Kerry has remained an active volunteer in our community for the past twenty-nine (29) years. She has worked with numerous organizations within the township and has built a network of partners.

I have witnessed firsthand Kerry s ability to make difficult decisions, lead thoughtfully, and collaborate with other members of the community. Kerry is extraordinarily equipped to occupy a seat on our Town Council.

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Please join me in voting for Kerry Peterson (Line 3A) on May 9th