Today it is more important than ever that we select leaders dedicated to making sure that Cedar Grove remains a safe, affordable and family-friendly community.  We need leaders who will preserve the character of this great town, the beautiful town in which my parents chose to raise their family over 50 years ago and the town in which my wife and I chose to raise our family 20 years ago.

Kerry Peterson is the right candidate for Cedar Grove.  I’ve been privileged to know Kerry and her family since childhood.  She is smart, hardworking and gracious.  She is also passionate about serving others – whether as a life guard at the Community Pool back high school or as a highly respected critical care nurse and active volunteer in the township today.  

Kerry is married to a police officer and is committed to safeguarding our town.  As a nurse, she has the training and experience to initiate programs that will support health and well-being of our children and senior residents.  And she is fiscally responsible and focused on minimizing our tax burden.

Please join me in electing Kerry Peterson to the Cedar Grove Town Council.