I am writing in support of Kerry Peterson for Cedar Grove Town Council. I have been a resident of Cedar Grove for over 50 years and have served as a volunteer for the fire department for over 30 years. My involvement with the town has afforded me the opportunity to work closely with township officials and I am acutely aware of the kind of leadership Cedar Grove needs. Kerry Peterson is qualified to be this leader; she is what Cedar Grove needs.

I was the co-chair of the Cedar Grove Centennial Committee and worked with Kerry as she served as chairperson for the fundraiser and gala. I witnessed firsthand Kerry’s ability to work with others, take charge of a situation and function as a proficient leader who consistently demonstrates an ability to develop creative solutions to complex challenges.  Kerry personally sold 500 tickets to the gala and made every effort to interact with each and every resident who attended. The event was a huge success and made Cedar Grove very proud.

This is a critical time for Cedar Grove, we need leaders who have been involved with the town, know how it works and have a proven track record of working well with other members of the community. Kerry Peterson is the person for this job.

Please join me in voting for Kerry Peterson, Line 3A on May 9th