MONTCLAIR, NJ – Internationalization is the latest trend in education as colleges, universities and even potential employers are placing increasingly more importance on international experience.   

Attending college today means not only following a curriculum in a certain field, but also gaining international exposure.  Traditional college instruction has incorporated diverse teaching methods. Campuses are filled with international students and scholars who are eager to contribute to the development of internationalization. 

College students are often required to study abroad, to study foreign languages and to have international learning experience before graduation. Companies require candidates to have work experience abroad so their employees have the knowledge and skills to contribute to international economic growth. 

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So the question becomes how do current high school students adapt to these changes?   How do high schools prepare their graduates for an internationalized college experience? Does the college counseling currently available in high schools offer enough international options? 

Study abroad is quite commonplace in other countries at the high school level, but here in the U.S. the opportunities are much more limited and in some cases the college counselors in the high schools do not have adequate training on all of the academic paths a student can follow. Academic Multi Path (AMP) - International Education Services offers comprehensive college consulting both domestically and internationally to help students find the right college fit.

At the NAFSA (Association of Foreign Educators) national conference in Boston this year, members stressed the fact that high school students cannot succeed academically if they do not accept that traditional college is becoming old fashioned and that internationalization is key.

At the Region X (which includes New Jersey)  NAFSA conference in Long Island this past October, the Institute of International Education confirmed that the “Generation Study Abroad” program, which is  five-year initiative to double the number of U.S. college students studying abroad, will be expanded to include high school students . Scholarships opportunities will be offered to these students and they will have the opportunity to study abroad, and participate in internships and community service in a foreign country through various international programs. 

International education has proven to be one of the most important tools to promote global peace and awareness, so it is critical that U.S. high schools and their leaders recognize the importance of international education and spearhead the process to bring opportunities to their communities. 

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