I first met Robbie Vargo about seven months ago and have had the pleasure of getting to know him by working closely with him on the newly created Cedar Grove Downtown Advisory Committee, which he co-founded with several other residents. I had a very good feeling about Robbie at our initial committee meeting. What stood out to me in that first 90 minutes we met was his passion and enthusiasm during our discussions on how we can make Cedar Grove a better community for us and our families. He is a very passionate individual that wants to do what’s best for the people of Cedar Grove.

The committee’s goal is to “Discover Cedar Grove” by examining the downtown area of Cedar Grove and coming up with ideas that would make it a safer and a more desirable place for residents and visitors alike to enjoy. Robbie is a leader by nature. He has stepped up to the forefront and became the leader of our advisory committee. He has been a driving force in initiating contact with prospective business partners. Just recently our committee came up with an idea to paint the trestle that people walk over and is part of the West Essex/Lenape trail by Foodtown. We feel this is the entrance way into the Cedar Grove downtown area. In order for us to paint the trestle, we need the approval from the Essex County Freeholders as the trestle is owned by the County, not the township of Cedar Grove. We appeared in front of the Essex County Freeholders to request permission. As it is Robbie’s nature, he volunteered to speak on our behalf. He had 3 minutes to explain who we are, what our committee is attempting to accomplish, and why we were attending this meeting. He came up with the idea to bring pictures of our Cedar Grove trestle and pictures he found from another town that had a similar trestle which was newly painted, hoping it would clearly display to the freeholders how painting the trestle could jump start our initiative to make our downtown a more beautiful and desirable place for people to enjoy. Needless to say, Robbie did an exceptional job informing the freeholders and we felt and hope that will get the support needed to paint the trestle.

I am writing today to express my support for Robbie Vargo. His honest, pragmatic, and hopeful insight into our community’s needs, and willingness to examine the issues and listen closely, are, I believe, what sets Robbie apart from others. We will not get a more hardworking, and dedicated person at work for the Cedar Grove community. Please join me in supporting Robbie Vargo for Town Councilman of Cedar Grove this May 9th.