Dear Editor:  My name is Mike Santucci and I am writing to express my support for Councilman Michael Maffucci in this upcoming November election. Having lived in Cedar Grove for many years, I know that Mike will continue to put forth the values and morals that this town stands for. Michael’s service extends much deeper than being a current councilman. For many years, he has been involved in St. Catherine of Sienna church and has worked with the Elks Club on numerous occasions. Mike and I have known each other for a long time and through our numerous interactions I can honestly say that he is a man with integrity and will serve our town with the utmost honor and rectitude.

Last Sunday, I was pleasantly surprised to see Councilman Maffucci going door to door on my street. I noticed that when he talked to my neighbors, he would give them undivided attention and understanding to ensure them that he is committed to each resident in our town. On his flyer, I was also surprised to see his cell phone number and email prominently displayed so that if any resident had a question, they would be able to reach out to him directly. It is more than evident that transparency is a large part of Councilman Maffucci’s campaign; however, he will also maintain this transparency and accountability if elected to continue to serve on our town’s council.

Aside from seeing Mike actively engaging with residents, I was also pleased to hear some of the ideas that he put forth at his first council meeting on September 14th. Most notably, the proposed moratorium on all new building in town until a Master Plan is finalized. I am in agreement with this idea because I feel that it is important to keep Cedar Grove a close-knit community that allows each resident to benefit from this family-like atmosphere. Secondly, I am in total support of a Breast Cancer Awareness Walk that Michael proposed to take place at Panther Park. Almost everybody is affected in some way by cancer and this is a great way to raise awareness and bring the community together as one.

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In the Candidate Statement released by Councilman Maffucci, he mentions preserving the natural features of Cedar Grove, such as the trees and wildlife. By maintaining these natural landscapes, Cedar Grove will continue to be an area where people aspire to reside. I agree with Mike in this respect and think this is important for Cedar Grove to have this appeal for many generations to come.

It is quite clear that Councilman Michael Maffucci is dedicated to making Cedar Grove a better place for not only current residents and their families but for future residents and the many generations to follow them. Please join me in voting for him on November 3rd.


Mike Santucci