CEDAR GROVE, NJ - Nick Manning is a Graphic Designer specializing in logo design, brand development &  design, illustration, and photography based in Northern New Jersey. Nick was a graduate of Caldwell University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design. Nick has worked as a Graphic Designer in a freelance role, with ad agencies, as well as with corporate companies. Nick’s professional experience as a graphic/fine artist has built the foundation that supports a versed Graphic Designer. His ultimate goal is to create unique, effective designs using  visual communication.

After research I became inspired by some of the most well-known historical landmarks throughout Cedar Grove, both past and present. Something I found particularly interesting was the relationship between ‘The Friar Tuck Inn’ and ‘The Grove’. Francis J Jacobs opened The Friar Tuck Inn in 1952 at the street address 691 Pompton Ave, Cedar Grove, NJ. After  decades of great business, The Friar Tuck was permanently closed. Since 2011, you will now find ‘The Grove’ sitting at the same address as what used to be the inn. I quickly realized that the architecture of both buildings were similar and could lend itself well to a unique  representation of a before and after; this became the inspiration for my design.

Done in a minimalistic silhouette style, I have designed two circular emblems that feature the facade of each building. 

The Cedar Grove Art Walk is on April 12 from 6:30 to 9 p.m.  The inaugural Art Walk in the township will be a festival in the downtown district, featuring artwork from some of the most sought-after New Jersey artists, as well as from talented Cedar Grove residents and students.  Twenty pole banners will be installed from the railroad trestle to Delmonico's.  Artists will be creating a masterpiece on the front and the back of those banners -- all Cedar Grove themed, so essentially there will be 40 different pieces of artwork featured in the downtown area.  The pole banners will be displayed for a month and then be auctioned off.