CEDAR GROVE, NJ - Nicole will be creating art in memory of Cedar Grove's lost jewel --The Meadowbrook. 

Nicole Basalyga Finnerty, a native of Cedar Grove is currently an Art teacher at Bloomfield High School and also teaches at the Montclair Art Museum. Nicole mostly concentrates in Digital Arts but also enjoys painting and drawing. 

Nicole worked on this banner in collaboration with her students at Bloomfield High School. They chose to remember the big band days of the 1930's and 40's, where an unassuming hall called The Meadowbrook was more than just a place to be--it was the place it all happened. The first nationwide radio broadcast of dance music originated from the Meadowbrook. The club also was responsible for the first national telecast of dance music.

The Cedar Grove Art Walk is on April 12 from 6:30 to 9 p.m.  The inaugural Art Walk in the township will be a festival in the downtown district, featuring artwork from some of the most sought-after New Jersey artists, as well as from talented Cedar Grove residents and students.  Twenty pole banners will be installed from the railroad trestle to Delmonico's.  Artists will be creating a masterpiece on the front and the back of those banners -- all Cedar Grove themed, so essentially there will be 40 different pieces of artwork featured in the downtown area.  The pole banners will be displayed for a month and then be auctioned off.