CEDAR GROVE, NJ - Three vehicles were reported stolen in Cedar Grove during the holiday week.  

A car was stolen out of a driveway on The Fairway on Tuesday at approximately 1 p.m.  Ptl. Kristian Schneider took the report -- a key fob was left in the vehicle allowing the suspect to start the vehicle and drive it away. It was later recovered in Newark.

On Thursday, police received a report of an all-terrain recreational vehicle stole from a driveway on West Lindsley Road.  Ptl. Michael Passafiume took the report and the incident remains under investigation.  

On Friday a vehicle was stolen from a driveway on Eileen Drive.  Ptl. John Smigelsky responded -- surveillance video from the residence that showed that the theft occurred at 2:04 a.m. The vehicle, which was later recovered, had been left parked in the driveway with the key fob inside.  According to police reports, two vehicles were burglarized on Eileen Drive that same morning.  The vehicles had been left unlocked in the victim’s driveway. It was determined that the burglary occurred during the early morning hours. The incident is under investigation.