CEDAR GROVE, NJ - One street in Cedar Grove is a little bit safer thanks to the voices of some concerned citizens and the help of the Cedar Grove Town Council and police.

The West Essex Trail runs from Verona to Cedar Grove to Little Falls and is well used by runners, walkers and bikers.  It crosses two area roads -- Durrell Street in Verona and Bowden Road in Cedar Grove.  

Resident Christine Dye runs the trail often and noticed that while Durrell Street had a crosswalk, Bowden did not.  Dye said she felt the situation was unsafe as the spot is not an obvious crossing.  In addition, Dye noted that many school kids walk home on Bowden and cut through the trail -- since the sidewalk is only on the side of the trail, they have no choice but to cross Bowden without a crosswalk.  

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Dye, along with other concerned residents, brought her concerns to Mayor Peter Tanella and Councilman Joe Cicala.  

"Some residents asked some questions about the safety issue on Bowden and pointed out the crosswalks in Verona where the trail crossed a major road,"  Cicala said.  "We brought the idea to the town manager and asked him if we could have a crosswalk on Bowden, similar to the one in Verona, for the safety of our residents that run/bike/walk the trail."

"The Town Manager and Council were receptive to the idea, as there is little downside and a tremendous upside, that being the safety of our residents," Cicala added.

"We asked our traffic officer to look into it and he agreed that it would be a good idea to paint the crosswalk and install the signage," Tanella explained.  "The council is  always exploring ways to make our streets and trails safer for our residents."