CEDAR GROVE, NJ - Music has a new face at North End and South End Schools.   Come September, David Bucchino will take over as music teacher replacing Evelyn Obendorf who retired after spending more than 30 years in the Cedar Grove school district. 

“I am very grateful to have this opportunity,” Bucchino said.  “I look forward to sharing my love of music with the students of North End and South End Schools.”

A native of New Hampshire, Bucchino relocated to Cedar Grove in 2013.  Though his teaching position is new, his face may be familiar to many in town.  He has been an aide at South End School for almost two years.  He has coached the third and fourth grade boy’s lacrosse team for two seasons and he was named head coach of Cedar Grove High School’s first-ever boy’s lacrosse team this past spring.  When the opportunity to teach music in Cedar Grove opened up, Bucchino said he jumped at the chance.    

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Bucchino’s love of music began at a young age.  In fourth grade he got his first guitar, which led to a love of punk rock bands like Blink 182 and Greenday. Throughout the years he said he has played in too many bands to count and is still playing today as part of an acoustic duo. 

In addition to the guitar, Bucchino is an accomplished musician, playing the piano, bass, banjo and ukulele.   After graduating from Elmira College with a degree in psychology, he continued to pursue his musical education, taking graduate classes at Berkeley College of Music and working in recording studios creating music for web series and other ventures.  He has also given music lessons since high school. 

Bucchino has already had a chance to bring music into the classroom at South End School.  He worked as an aide in one of the third grade classes taught by Casey Dunn who shares his love of music.  The pair would often perform for the students to reward their good behavior and even prepared a special send off for Mrs. Obendorf at the end of the school year.

“This year in Miss Dunn’s class was so much fun.  We performed many songs for the kids as a reward for their good behavior,” he said.  “The performance for Mrs. Obendorf was very special and I was so amazed at the talent the kids displayed.” 

See Bucchino and Dunn's peformance http://bit.ly/1LBGUsj

See the third graders send off for Mrs. Obendorff http://bit.ly/1GLeNQV

Bucchino also wrote and performed an original song about the solar system for the class to complement their science curriculum.  Many of the students noted that the catchy lyrics helped them memorize the planets for their science test. 

See Bucchino's Solar System song http://bit.ly/1GNhi6q

Going forward Bucchino plans to integrate technology into music education by using iPads, electronic keyboards and electronic drums which he will bring to the classroom.  He also hopes to have the students write and perform original songs. 

While excited to get started, Bucchino knows he has a lot to live up to following Obendorf’s long tenure at the school. 

“I’m very excited for this opportunity.  I know I have big shoes to fill in Evelyn (Obendorff) and I am going to try and fill them,” he said.  “I honestly can’t wait to get started.”