LITTLE FALLS, NJ - The popular News12 New Jersey "On The Road" weekly program took to the road once again, this time spotlighting the Township of Little Falls.

Sports Director Nick Meidanis and Meteorologist Dave Curren were on-hand on Aug. 25 to talk to residents and officials alike in order to"share the experience of Little Falls, the charm that it has." They descended upon Main Street, along the downtown area, visiting several businesses and speaking to members of the community.

Meidanis interviewed Mayor James Damiano for the program, who spoke of the town's character.

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"It's really the small community vibe that we have here in Little Falls, where everybody really does know their neighbors, where everybody's friendly," Damiano said.  "It's nice to be able to open your door and say hello to your neighbor across the street as you're going to work in the morning. We really still do have that feeling here in Little Falls."

Damiano, a lifelong resident, was also asked why he wanted to be mayor, by Meidanis.

"I really have a love for this town. I was brought up here and lived here my entire life," he explained. "There's just something about the town that made me say, 'I want to give back to Little Falls,' and that's really what brought me here and drove me to do this."

Meidanis also asked about what was new and upcoming for the township, including Damiano's overall mission. Damiano responded that his goal was to revitalize and bring the curb appeal back to the downtown area.

"That's on the way now and it's really incredible all of the buzz that we have here on the streets, nights and weekends. It's a lot of fun to have people walking the street and people in our local businesses," he added. "It's so much fun to see the vibe and all the energy that's here and it's really the people that make Little Falls, Little Falls. That's what we want to move forward with."

Meidianis also spoke to the owners of several local businesses that line Main Street. Among those highlighted were Daniela's Bistro, Pencilworks Studio, and Falls Creamery, and A Taco Affair. Karen Winick, president of the Little Falls Business Association, was also interviwed by Meidanis. Curren also interviewed some business owners, highlighting Aquila Pizza al Forno and Casa Arturo. Several businesses also brought out sample platters out on the street.

Curren then played the trivia segment with a gathered crowd of onlookers behind him. Local and neighboring residents participated in questions ranging in the township's history, geography and demographics. Also taking part in the trivia portion was Councilman Chris Vancheri, who Curren thanked for coordinating News12's visit to the township and helping to organize the crowd that stopped by. Vancheri was given three choices for the trivia question regarding the name of the Little Falls waterway that was formerly being used for trade and transportation between the Delaware and Hudson Rivers.

"The Morris Canal," he correctly answered.

Councilwoman Maria Martini Cordonnier said the town has as a wonderful mix of local residents, visitors and those who have relocated, that have given Little Falls its charm, culture, trendiness and appeal.

"My husband and I moved here from New York City in 2000 and have loved living here," she noted. "It was the perfect place for us - great tranportation to the city and that small town USA feel and friendliness, including the convenience of quick access to plenty of shopping. It's a wonderful town, abundant with energy and vitality."

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