NEW YORK, NY - In the summer of 2017, a New Jersey man went to Disney World wearing a shirt with a message; he needed a kidney, and his blood type and phone number were printed on his T-shirt.

Thanks to another Disney fan in the Magic Kingdom, one picture went viral, and their story was picked up by a number of news outlets; months later, Richie Sully, a man from Indiana, came forward and was a match. 

Today, Liebowitz underwent surgery.  His son, Doug Rockwell, posted on Facebook earlier, saying, "Sometimes family comes from procreational circumstance, and sometimes you meet them for the first time in the middle of Magic Kingdom, and they change your life through one simple act of kindness by sharing a post on Facebook hoping someone will see it and offer to be a donor. Life is too coincidental to be a coincidence."

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Both Sully and Leibowitz are now recuperating at a midtown hospital in New York City.