PATERSON, N.J. - Based on information provided to police about a drug mill at 183 Mill Street, two detectives witnessed a drug transaction which led to seven arrests, and the recovery of over 600 glassines of heroin.

When police witnessed the transaction and approached, a suspect ran into 183 Mill Street and closed the door behind him. Detective Singh was able to secure the suspect and found a brick of heroin (about 50 glassines) inside of his jacket.

Other detective pursued the other suspect as he began to yell "police" in an attempt to alert the rest of the house. After chasing the suspect to the second floor police were able to force their way through a locked door where they discovered another five individuals along with the suspect they had been pursuing.

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The second floor door opened right into the kitchen where they witnessed several metal grinders with heroin residue, a silver handgun, rubber bands, and other packaging materials. According to the press release on the bust police said their training and experience lead them to believe this was a "heroin mill."

Police announced the following arrests.

·         Kwazier Murray, 18
·         Stephen Taylor, 18
·         Corey Dickson, 23
·         Miguel Chica, 34
·         Andre Morales, 29
·         Johnny Suarez, 29
·         Alexander Aguirre, 19

Police director Jerry Speziale said in a statement "This is a substantial arrest and takedown of a heroin distribution mail in our city. We will continue to go after the demand and supply and identify those responsible for processing heroin in our city. "