VERONA, NJ – Councilman Bob Manley and Chief of Police Mitchell Stern reported on the most recent Public Safety meeting at the Town Council meeting on Monday night, touching on internet/phone scams, speeding and parking issues within the township.

Phone/Internet Scams

Stern reported that police are getting reports of several internet and phone scams that are targeting the elderly in the area.  The scams often involve a phone call, allegedly from the IRS demanding immediate payment or federal agents will come to your door and take you away he explained. 

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“No level of government goes out and arrests people for civil issues, they mail to make contact,” Stern noted.  “At no time will any agency of the government ever call you and demand money.”

Stern also reported on a scam in which an elderly person receives a phone call, allegedly from one of their grandchildren who states they are on spring break in Mexico and have gotten into trouble with the law, asking to have $1000 wired to them right away.  Stern said sometimes the scam takes a scarier tactic, when the con artist claims to have kidnapped a grandchild and demands payment as ransom.

Stern urged any victims of such a phone call to immediately hang up and call the police. 

Speeding and Parking Around Schools

Stern noted that enforcement efforts on both the speed limit and parking restrictions around schools have increased throughout Verona.  “We are still giving warnings and are not just going out and attacking people,” Stern said.  “We are trying to be fair to everybody, but we do have to enforce the laws.”

Mayor Kevin Ryan also noted that the township had painted the curbs on Elmwood Rd. to clearly indicate where parking was prohibited near intersections to keep sight lines clear.  Stern further stated that they are addressing parking at the high school as well, as there is a sight line issue for drivers traveling west on Franklin St. when trying to make a left hand turn onto Fairview Ave.  To improve visibility for drivers, the no parking area at the intersection will be extended to the first driveway.

Overnight Parking

Stern noted that the police department would be asking the Council to amend the ordinance that governs overnight parking in Verona.  Currently street parking is prohibited between 2:30 and 6 a.m.  Stern said.  Residents can purchase a permit to park on the street overnight if they have less than two parking spots available on their property, which includes garage spots. 

Stern explained that the ordinance was written years ago when many residents only had one car.  He said now families often have multiple cars so they want to eliminate the two spot criteria and allow any resident to purchase an overnight parking permit if they need it.  “We want to rewrite the ordinance so it better meets the current needs of our community,” he explained.