I am writing in support of re-electing Councilman Joe Cicala to serve on the Cedar Grove Town Council. 

For the past eight years, Joe has demonstrated his commitment to ensuring the well-being of the children, families and residents of Cedar Grove.  As a two term member of the Cedar Grove Board of Education (President for three years), Joe was a responsible voice of reason in complex and sensitive issues dealing with administrative budgets, school  personnel and resources, as well as building improvement and safety.  He successfully helped navigate us through two bond referenda by listening to our concerns and explaining the potential outcomes and scenarios in a professional and detailed manner, all while maintaining the best interest of our children and families.  He’s also collaborated with the board in the negotiation and management of countless contracts with outside vendors in which the management of taxpayer dollars, fiscal responsibility and accountability has given him the experience and leadership skills that are required of our elected officials.

During the past five months in his tenure as Councilman, Joe has been an advocate for quality of life initiatives such as the creation of a crosswalk on Bowden Rd., and his proposal of a resolution to protect and preserve the 40+ acres of open space across from the Newark Reservoir on Ridge Rd., with the use of PILOT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) money instead of taxpayer funding. 

I’ve known Joe for many years, interacting with him on both a personal and professional level, and he has always carried himself with dignity and integrity. He is a valuable asset to the Cedar Grove community and has committed himself to working for all residents to continue making Cedar Grove a great place to live.