CEDAR GROVE, NJ – Data released by the New Jersey Department of Education for the 2013-2014 school year shows that most teachers in Cedar Grove are either effective or highly effective. 

The data released on the NJDOE website breaks down state- and district-level educator evaluation data for most schools in the state, however regulations regarding the distribution of the data mean that much of it is suppressed.

For instance, evaluation data of individual employees is confidential and will not be released.  If nine or fewer staff received an “ineffective” rating, the record was suppressed to avoid the possibility of identifying the educators.  Records with 100 percent of the staff in one performance level are suppressed as well, again to protect the identity of the educators. 

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In Cedar Grove, the results were as follows:

Cedar Grove High School:  26 effective, 37 total

Memorial Middle School:  35 effective, 40 total

North End Elementary School:  20 effective, 23 total

South End Elementary School:  all ratings were suppressed

Overall Cedar Grove had 101 teachers rated effective and 16 rated highly effective out of a total of 120.