CEDAR GROVE, NJ - Cedar Grove track and field star Sawyer Moe has been improving week by week and helping his team achieve an outstanding record so far this season. He’s not only a great athlete in track, but has shown incredible skill and talent in basketball as well. With his versatility and value to the team, it is no wonder Moe is this week’s TAPinto Verona/Cedar Grove Panther Athlete of the Week.

“It feels great to be Athlete of the Week. It makes me feel uplifted and that I have accomplished something that not everyone can throughout their high school athletics career,” Moe said. “I feel very lucky and thankful to become Athlete of the Week.”

At the beginning of his track season, the high school junior threw between 140 to 150 feet in javelin, his main event, but as he practiced and the season went on his distances got consistently greater. Moe got to 161 feet, and then a week later 172 feet, and then 175 feet. Currently, his best throw this season – and in his track and field career at Cedar Grove High School – is 177-04 feet.

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That 177-04 score in the county relays, as well as taking first place personally and as a team, has been the highlight of Moe’s season so far, a season that has been going great for him and the Panthers, he said.

The Panthers went undefeated with eight wins in their regular conference meets and won the SEC Dual Meet Division.

“As a team, one of the biggest challenges that we have overcome was going undefeated, which we proudly have accomplished,” Moe said. “Currently, some challenges as a team are just to keep getting better every practice and striving to become as good as possible at every event we compete in.”

Personally, Moe has challenged himself to keep beating his own records and reach the 200 feet mark, which would set a new school record for javelin. With his hard work and extreme effort, Moe believes he can achieve those goals. He also believes his team will keep improving on their already impressive record.

I feel that these are some big goals and it will be a huge accomplishment to reach it,” Moe said. “As a team, the main goal I have for us is to just keep winning and putting work in towards getting better every single day of practice. The harder the team works in practice, the better we will compete.”

Track and field is not the only sport Moe has shown talent in. As a freshman, Moe was moved up to the junior varsity basketball team because of his athletic abilities, Coach Michael Moussab said. Moussab remembers the multi-sport athlete being “quick, aggressive and very coachable” in basketball, he added.

“Now as a junior, seeing him succeed in another sport is exciting. He's bigger and stronger and works great with Coach Moogan to get better,” Moussab said. “I think we are all excited to see what he does in the upcoming weeks when we compete in conference, county, and state meets. His hard work is paying off because at each meet he just keeps getting better.”

Getting better at each meet is one of Moe’s favorite parts of the sport, he said, as well as achieving new personal records and throwing farther as the season goes on.

Other than just setting new [personal records], I love that track is also such a team sport and how much you can encourage fellow teammates while they are running in an event or even throwing,” Moe said. “Lastly, I love how the competition is so wide and how you can compete against so many people because it just makes you want to get better and be better than the person in front of you.”