MONTCLAIR, NJ - A pair of Montclair teens were frightened by a suspicious man following and filming them after school on Thursday.

A parent reported to police that her daughter was waiting for a friend outside the Bellevue Avenue Library around 4pm, when they noticed the mature man, who had also been sitting outside the library, began to follow them.

As the teens made their way over to Starbucks for a drink, they noticed the man following them and, what appeared as, taking their picture.

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As they arrived at Starbucks, the man had also walked there and began peering at them from the window, the parent reported.

The parent of one of the teens later alerted other parents, saying, "He followed them to Starbucks and peeked in the door to see if they were there."

She stated that a good samaritan saw the worried teens and intervened.

The parent said, "A woman, observing that the girls were very panicked, asked them if the man was following them. She then approached the man outside and told him to put down his phone, as it looked like he was still taping or taking pictures."

The father of one of the teens arrived soon thereafter and saw the man put down the phone as he walked the girls away from the store.

This matter has been reported to the police and is currently under investigation. At the time of publication, there has not yet been a response from the Montclair Police Department.