OSLO - We were delayed in New York City and missed our flight to Berlin, so we explored the Oslo Airport.  We also learned why there were few one handed Vikings and why it protects your stuff now.

For starters, the Airport is a beautiful gem of modern Norwegian architecture.  It is open and airy to maximize the exposure to the sun.

They have the following amenities:

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  • 27 shops
  • 37 restaurants and bars
  • 10 kiosks
  • 11 new security checkpoints (with the self scanners)
  • 34 new self check-in kiosks
  • 2 international lounges (SAS and OSL - open to all passengers for a fee of NOK 300)
  • 1 airport/city express train
  • free wifi
  • special assistance for disabled travelers
  • international museum of children’s art located on the North Pier
  • 1 very helpful lost & found location

So back to our story on the handless Vikings.  As the lore has been handed down to us, the Vikings apparently were quite honest.  Since ancient times, Norwegians have been expected to return lost objects.  In the beginning, failure to comply would cost you hand. Today, it is a decent fine.

The result was a timely return of one of our lost cameras.  It did cost us a nominal fee of 10 dollars though.

The government has got to get its share.  We were just happy that it did not involve any lost limbs.

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