VERONA, NJ - The volunteers of the Verona Municipal Alliance Committee (VMAC) have launched their annual SAFE HOMES campaign. Parents and guardians are invited to pledge to not allow underage alcohol and drug use in their homes and on their property. There is also a second pledge to provide a secure storage place for firearms, matches, toxic chemicals, and to monitor computer use.
Taking the SAFE HOMES Pledge does not make the signer legally responsible. New Jersey law already makes us all legally accountable if alcohol is served to underage persons in your home. 
All SAFE HOMES members will receive the names and telephone numbers of the other parents who signed the pledge. Phone numbers are provided to encourage communication among parents. Don't assume that a party is supervised just because someone signed the pledge!
This year, the Verona Town Council has passed a resolution proclaiming November to be Safe Homes Month.  The full resolution can be found here.
Taking the pledge is easy - just go to and sign up online. To make the list current, we ask parents to re-sign each year. Sign up today!