Blotter Report March 5, 2017 – March 11, 2017


1:15 PM Officer Thomas Conroy took a report of a fraud from a Wedgewood Drive resident.  The resident reported that he observed an unauthorized charge on his credit card. The resident reported that he had been in contact with his bank and the account had been closed. He was provided with identity theft information.

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11:10 PM Officer Robert Juliano took a report of property damage on White Rock Road after being dispatched along with the Verona Fire Department on a report of a water flow alarm. Investigation revealed a broken water pipe in the fire sprinkler system. The water was shut off to the system. Damage was observed in the parking garage and maintenance room.


1:36 PM Officer Ed Ruff took a report of lost property from a Pease Avenue resident. The resident reported he lost one of the license plates from his vehicle. He was advised to turn in the missing plate to NJ Motor Vehicle Commission.

1:46 PM Officer Michael Barone took a report of a dispute from a West Orange resident. The resident reported that while driving on Cumberland Avenue, a pedestrian stepped into the roadway so he stopped his vehicle. The pedestrian began to yell at him and make vulgar hand gestures towards him. The pedestrian then began to take pictures of the vehicle. The resident was able to take a picture of the pedestrian before he drove away from the area.

3:09 PM Officer Justine Nielsen responded along with the Verona Rescue Squad on a report of a woman who fell at a Bloomfield Avenue location. After treatment by the Verona Rescue Squad, the victim refused transportation to the hospital.

5:10 PM Officer Steve Young took a report of a theft of a wallet at a Pompton Avenue business from an Elizabeth resident. The wallet contained credit cards, driver’s license, personal identification, miscellaneous papers and a small amount of cash. The resident reported she had been in contact with her credit card companies and canceled the cards. On March 8, 2017, the resident reported that she was contacted by the business that reported finding her wallet in th bathroom. She retrieved the wallet and reports all contents were still in the wallet.

5:58 PM Officer Justin Nielsen investigated a report of two suspicious vehicles throwing trash in the road on Witherspoon Road. Officer Nielsen was able to locate the vehicles and began to speak to the operators. While speaking to one of the operators, a strong odor of marijuana was detected coming from the vehicle. After the occupants of the vehicle were asked to step from the vehicle, Officer Nielsen searched the vehicle and found marijuana. The operator, Eric Torres of Rockaway, and placed under arrest and transported to police headquarters. After processing, Torres was released with a pending court date.

6:25 PM Officer Thomas Conroy took a report of a suspicious person on Verona Place. A resident reported that a car parked in front of her house and a male exited the car and knocked on her door. When she didn’t answer the door, she observed the male walking through her garden as if he was attempting to look in the window. The male then got back into the vehicle and left the area.

19:32 Officers Scheper, Young, Conroy, Nielsen and Sgt. Wardrope responded to a Linden Ave residence on a reported dispute. After hearing from all parties concerned, one of the individuals voluntarily left the residence for the evening. All parties advised of complaint procedures.


12:55 PM Officer Ed Ruff took a report of a larceny from a Bloomfield resident. The resident reported his coat was taken while at a Pompton Avenue business. The coat was valued at approximately $60.

3:26 PM Officer Nielsen responded to the area of Bloomfield Avenue and Montrose Avenue on a reported fuel spill. A fire officer and the public works department were contacted to put Speedy Dry on the spill. A short time later the owner of the vehicle that was leaking fuel came into headquarters and reported that initially he thought it was an antifreeze leak but then discovered that the vehicle was leaking fuel. He then parked the vehicle on Gerdes Avenue.

Officers responded to the area where the vehicle was parked and found that it was still leaking. The vehicle was towed from the area for being unsafe and additional speedy dry was spread in the area.


7:38 PM Officer Steve Young responded to the area of Lakeside Avenue and Bloomfield Avenue to check for three missing juveniles from West Orange. Upon arrival, two of the juveniles were already in the custody of a West Orange police officer. The third juvenile was located a short distance away. The store manager of a nearby business who was present reported that the juveniles were creating a disturbance inside his store and may have shoplifted some items. The West Orange officer then turned over several items that were in the juvenile’s possession that may have been taken from the store. The store manager advised that he was going to conduct an inventory and contact the police department if the items were from his store.


3:22 PM Officer Steven Young responded along with the Verona Fire Department to a report of an underground fire on Linn Drive. Investigation revealed a mulch fire that was extinguished b the fire department. Numerous cigarettes butts were observed in the mulch.


3:40 AM Officer Jordan Descafano responded to a Linn Drive residence on a report of an overflowing toilet. The officer contacted the building superintendent to correct the situation.

8:40 AM Officer Brendan Huber took a report of a theft at HB Whitehorne school. It was reported that an unknown person entered an unlocked locker and took cash from a backpack. A similar incident also occurred several days earlier.

5:26 PM Officer Alyssa Kirby took a report of a fraud from a Grove Avenue resident. The resident reported that she received a call from a male who stated he was calling from Publishers Clearing House to advise her that she had won a car and cash. The caller advised that she would need to send $2000 to cover the taxes on the vehicle, and told the resident to transfer money into an account that he supplied the number for. When the resident went to the bank and discovered that the account number was missing a number, she called the male back, who then provided her with another account number. At this point the resident became suspicious contacted the police. The resident did not provide the caller with any personal information and was advised not to give any personal information to any companies or individuals that she is not familiar with.

20:24 Sgt. Lecreux and Officer Conroy and the Verona Rescue Squad responded to the area of Grove Ave and Lynwood Road on a report of an emotionally disturbed male. After speaking with the officers, the individual was voluntarily transported to Mountainside Hospital fo assistance.

12:19 AM Officer Robert Juliano was dispatched along with the Verona Rescue Squad to a report of an unconscious person in the parking lot on Linn Drive. Upon arrival, Officer Juliano located the victim who was unconscious, breathing and had several lacerations to his face. A friend advised that he was dropping the victim off at his home after a night of drinking when the victim fell to the pavement. After treatment, the Verona Rescue Squad transported the victim to Mountainside Hospital.

5:10 PM Officer Thomas Conroy took a report of a dispute from an Elmwood Road resident. The resident reported that he unfriended a person on Facebook earlier in the day. The person then sent a personal message to the resident that caused him to feel harassed and threatened. The resident was advised to contact the police if he receives any additional messages.