VERONA, NJ – Have you ever forgotten bulky waste day? How about magazines and junk mail?  Would you like an alert in a snowstorm if we cannot collect the trash? Good news, help is at hand.

Verona is pleased to announce a partnership with Remyndr to deliver complete curbside collection calendars in a mobile app. Residents can visit the Apple App or Google Play store to download the free app today. There is no registration required. Simply enter your home address and each night before a collection, Remyndr will notify you of the pickup type and tell you what goes in the collection. 

"We are always looking for innovative ways to educate and communicate" said Steven J. Neale, Township of Verona, Department of Community Services. "Remyndr offers us a simple way to help residents participate in our great town collection services and make the most of all the collection types we offer."

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In addition to the regular help with getting bins to the curb, Remyndr offers Verona the ability to message residents to remind them of holiday collections, hazardous waste days and let them know is a disruption occurs. Dragging a bin through three feet of snow only to see it still uncollected at the end of the day can be frustrating. Verona can now message residents by route, so alerts are always relevant to the recipient.

Over the coming weeks, residents will see information about the service in emails, flyers, news articles and in local offices. Residents are also being encouraged to tell friends and neighbors to maximize the channel value to the town.

About Remyndr

Remyndr is a community specific, smart phone notification tool available to local governments that increases curbside recycling by reminding residents of the items to be collected the following day and providing information to promote participation.