I am writing you today about the strong integrity, character, and devotion to Verona my friend Ted Giblin has for this community. I have known Ted for a long time. He is a fantastic father, sibling, and son. Ted was instilled at an early age that public service is a noble cause. He was taught that you stand up for what is right and you fight for the cause you believe. Campaigns are about ideas and challenging your opponent’s views. I have been astonished over the recent days how Ted has been attacked on a personal level from supporters of the other candidates, including members of the governing body. I would caution members of the governing body to be very careful of your actions. Elected officials fall under specific ethic laws that the general public does not. Ted has raised many questions about the boondoggle deal the council passed on Monday and for that he is being personally attacked. I find that outrageous and just wrong! Verona is better than that. Campaigns always get charged up on the waning days but always remember you are entitled to your own opinions, not your own facts.

I would urge all Verona residents to vote for a person of great character and integrity; vote for Edward “Ted” Giblin on Tuesday, May 9th.