MONTCLAIR, NJ - First to clarify, what we call a four year college in the United States is referred to as a University or Faculty in Europe.  This sometimes causes confusion as “Faculty” in the US refers to professors while Faculty in Europe may refer to a four year college. So what defines a quality university in Europe? Are there as many choices as there are in the US?

When we think of Europe as a study destination, we have multiple countries to choose from and the best college match may not necessarily be in the country a student dreams of spending time in.  So what should a prospective student decide on first—the country or the program of study they would like to be in? The answer really depends on the personality and character of the student. Moreover, it depends on cultural background, financial situation and what the student is hopes to accomplish while an international student abroad.

In the US students and their families look at rankings and opinion polls, as well as reviews and work opportunities after graduation when they measure the quality of a college. The same type of measurements could be applied when deciding on Universities in Europe. There are rankings like “The Best 10 Colleges in Europe” which includes American students' opinions of European schools.

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There are also more neutral opinions, offered by QS, on good universities in different   regions of the globe:

However, the basic questions is: what is a good college/university for me and how do I find it?  The word perfect is a superlative for exaggeration and many argue that there is no such thing as a perfect college. Indeed there isn’t, but there is the best match for any student where he/she can excel academically. Whether it is in US or abroad, it is simply a matter of finding the institution that will allow you to reach your highest potential and will open paths to more and better career opportunities.

Academic Multi Paths (AMP) can provide guidance on the pros and cons to pursuing a degree abroad.  We offer college consulting to help you find your perfect college match. While not reinventing the wheel, our approach helps students and families think outside the box and explore academic paths that they may not have considered before.

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