At the April 17th Verona Town Council meeting, Mayor Kevin Ryan, as the leader of our municipal government, showed his leadership by supporting the outlandish spending of nearly -$1 MILLION- to purchase private property, located at 56 Grove Avenue.

Mayor Ryan, who runs all township meetings, didn't even push for open discussion about such an exorbitant expenditure and rammed the vote through. He did not mention how this was even proposed in the first place or why he wanted to overburden us taxpayers with buying this white elephant! Nor did Mayor Ryan even bother telling us how we, the already-overtaxed citizens of Verona, are going to pay for this? Is the Mayor going to raise our taxes to pay for it? Or worse, is he planning to BORROW and SPEND that MILLION dollars.

What happened to Open Government? All Mayor Ryan said about this mysterious purchase was that the building would be used for some “municipal use.” Mayor, please tell us WHAT that purpose is! Is it a secret you're keeping from us? Or do you not have any thought-out plan at all?  And if you're going to borrow the money by charging the taxpayers' credit card again, please tell us in real dollars how much the total principal AND interest will end up costing us and our children!

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One final question. Whatever your secret (or half-baked) plan is, can you at least tell us if the MILLION dollars is just the beginning; do you plan to keep this building as is, will renovations be made to the existing structure or will another building replace it. What about environmental concerns such as asbestos, lead paint or a leaky oil tank? Has the town done any sort of due diligence with regard to this property? Because, if that's the case, then how much more are you fixin' to BORROW and SPEND before this boondoggle is finished?

Mayor Ryan, I've heard you “talk” about transparency and fiscal responsibility, but here you are bonding a million dollar purchase (and likely much more later in both principal and interest) and for what? That's neither honest nor fiscally sound governance.