Running for board of education has been a learning experience and a journey

I would like to thank everyone for their support throughout this entire process. I enjoyed meeting with and speaking to many of you at meet and greets and through social media. I am humbled by your vote of confidence. Thank you to my husband, Steve, and my daughters whose support and patience seems to be never ending. I have extraordinary gratitude to Lynn Halsey, without whom I am not sure I would have made it to the end of this journey. Thank you to my campaign team, Chris Barrows, Julia Allen and April Neale for your expert guidance, artistry and hive-mind. Thank you to Glenn Elliot for your years of service to the board of education and congrats to Jim Day on the election of your third term.

The challenges the board of education face will require many long hours and creative thinking. I truly believe Verona has chosen a board of education who will work well as a team to make tough decisions and compromises. But I have promised all along and intend on firmly standing on my promise to make sure our students receive the best possible and equitable education Verona can offer.