The people of Essex County and the 4th District (Western Essex County) are in one of the highest taxed places in the state and nation.  The county has been run by one party exclusively for many years. All nine Freeholders (Commissioners) and the five elected executive level offices have been regular Democrats for well over a decade.  

Contracts of one bid go to friends, while I respect our public employees and think fair pay is important, contracts get signed off on by elected officials with the public employees who accept donations and are even officers in the public sector unions. There is limited debate and the Freeholder meetings and attendance by the Freeholder at the meetings can be spotty. I am a proud Republican, but I am not necessarily in agreement with everything that Donald Trump says or tweets about.     

I am running on a low budget or even at this point a no budget campaign. My plan is to serve as a county legislature.  I will read contracts and proposals from the administration and when they make sense for the people who I represent I will vote for them, and when they don't make sense I will raise questions. I will show up at all Freeholder meetings unless there is an extreme situation to keep me a way,, unlike our current Freeholder. 

I will be a voice of someone on the Freeholder board who worked outside the public sector, The Freeholders have limited experience outside the public sector. I will look at bid specifications, with an eye to broaden them so more business bid on county jobs, and we get competitive prices for taxpayers as opposed to jobs going to pre-determined friends of the politicians. I will not compromise on public safety. We need safe roads and safe streets. If a voter or anyone has question my email is